5 Kinds of People Who Do Crowdfunding With Us

Posted on 1 September, 2015 by Team Wishberry

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In our journey of helping democratize the creative landscape in India, we’ve come across a fair share of musicians, filmmakers, artists, app-makers, writers, entrepreneurs and a whole bunch of creative people completely passionate about their works and ideas. And of course, we love all of them, because what they do is nothing short of heroic.

In our journey of helping great ideas come to life, we’ve met the five kinds of personalities that go for crowdfunding. (If you can relate to any of these, take it with a pinch of salt!) Here are our precious crazies and how likely they are to succeed at this thing.

The model student

The name explains it all. The model student does everything it takes to make sure s/he hits the bulls-eye, often before the actual crowdfunding deadline.

    • Has done enough research on crowdfunding, how it works, challenges, the various platforms available etc.
    • Listens to the crowdfunding mentor and follows all advice
    • Is proactive in all communication and marketing strategies
    • Isn’t afraid of shouting their idea from the rooftops
    • Is shameless in asking people to support
    • Confident
    • Ready to innovate and adapt quickly
Chances of success?

A full 100%. This one is in it to win it. With a perfect balance of playing it by the book and willingness to adapt as and when required during the course of the crowdfunding campaign, there is actually nothing that can stop the model student from setting an example on how crowdfunding should be done.


The dark horse

In the school of crowdfunding, the dark horse is the silent and underrated best friend of the model student. Signs:

    • Silently listens to everything that is being told
    • Doesn’t talk much, doesn’t ask too many questions
    • Often gives the impression that s/he might fail at this whole thing
    • Full of surprises, thanks to sudden but regular spurts of activity
    • Under-promises, over delivers
    • The dark horse is the kind of person who will remain invisible for as long as a week during the crowdfunding campaign, only to spring into action on weekends and propel the campaign to the next level.
Chances of success?

100%, of course. Heard the proverb ‘still waters run deep’? Yeah, that one’s written especially for this person. Although, s/he doesn’t hustle out loud like the model student; those brief periods when they are in action, make a world of a difference. They may not talk a lot about it, but there’s method to their silent madness.


Laidback Jack


This one might as well be chilling in the Bahamas. Crowdfunding is stressful, said not the laidback Jack. This person’s trip is one that’s hard to bring down. Signs:

    • ZERO signs of stress
    • Most likely to pack and leave for a vacation (or go off radar) in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign
    • Whether there’s a whole month left for crowdfunding to fulfill its goal or two weeks, nothing seems to stress the laidback jack out Will be ridiculously relaxed even in the face of crisis. Hell, they’ll be relaxed from start to finish (hard to say the same for others involved in the project)
Chances of success?

50%. The only way someone like a Laidback Jack is going to succeed at crowdfunding is if they have an ace or more up their sleeve (which most of them do). It’s a gamble, and unless it’s guaranteed that the money WILL come from within the many networks, vacation needs to end and work needs to begin.


The last minute guy

Very closely related to Laidback Jack, the last minute guy (as the name explains) will probably be in his own funk, until s/he realizes that there’s only a week left for the crowdfunding deadline to end and a lot more money to raise. Signs:

    • No communication with the crowdfunding coach, consultant or anyone for a good amount of time
    • Won’t be doing the recommended marketing blitzkrieg as per schedule either
    • Also very laidback, till the eleventh hour
    • Will wake up with a panic attack probably ten days before the campaign, throw shit at the fan, bring the whole house down and scramble all over themselves
Chances of success?

Completely likely to fail especially if the budget is high. There is only one possibility in which the last minute guy can and will succeed in crowdfunding- if he is extremely confident of the required amount coming in from his personal networks.


The rebel

Of course, there has to be a rebel. There's one everywhere. Signs:

The rebel, mostly, won’t let the other person speak. When s/he does, they’ll listen to everything that’s being told with regards to the crowdfunding campaign, then go ahead and do the exact opposite. This will obviously lead to immediate failure in the task at hand, which in turn will force the rebel to come back and complain about how no one’s being of any help. When help is given, the rebel once again does the exact opposite. Welcome to the vicious cycle.

Chances of success?

Zero. Zilch. Nada. The only people who’ll put money into the rebel’s crowdfunding project are his personal networks consisting of family and friends. But beyond that, there’s no chance of victory. The rebel won't listen (and the only time not listening is going to work is when like the Laidback Jack, they have a magic trick no one else knows). If people who live and breathe crowdfunding can’t help them, what on earth can?

In the school that crowdfunding is, these are the most famous (infamous) students. So, where do you think you’ll fit?

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