5 important things filmmakers need before they start building their community

Posted on 18 March, 2016 by Team Wishberry

5-Important-Things-Filmmakers-Need-Before-They-Start As an indie filmmaker, you already know the importance of having a strong and active community that will support you in everything you do. And luckily, thanks to social media, building and fostering this community is quite inexpensive and easy! But, in order to do so effectively, you need to have the following things in place first.

Put all your work in one place

Instead of having people scramble all over the place looking for information about your film and other projects, which in turn will leave them annoyed and uninterested, you make them go to one specific place where they can find all that they need to know. It’s best to maintain a blog, landing page or a website – basically anything that serves as a one-stop showcase for your work.

A mailing list

You get people on your page, engage with them and even manage to convert them into a fan! Now what? Having an ever-expanding database of your audience is a MUST! This way, you get to constantly update them about your work, send regular newsletters, run targeted ads on Facebook and much more. You can have this one your Facebook page as well as your website.

A social media plan

Posting on social media when it’s your personal account is much sporadic – you scroll through your timeline, something catches your eye, you like it, you share it and done. But when it comes to community-building, things need a little more thought. Have a general social media plan mapped out, it doesn’t have to be anything specific or set in stone. But you should have a clear idea on what kinds of content you will share and when. Not only is this efficient, but also much more sensible and time-sensible.

Set a timeline for yourself

We know how hectic things can get, especially when you’re shooting or are in the middle of post production work. You go for days without checking your phone even! How does one juggle social media activities with the rest of one’s life? It’s quite simple, really. You either schedule your posts well in advance (say, you post a whole week’s worth of updates on the Sunday before it) or you take an hour out from your day dedicatedly and post whatever you have to for the day! But remember to stick to this cycle.

Get an understanding of Analytics or someone who understands

Having an eye on the data that’s behind your content, and making sense of it is extremely important. Google and Facebook analytics help you understand how the audience is responding to what you’re posting. Based on this, you can further fine-tune your content to tailor it better and make it more engaging. Now, this will involve a lot of numbers and data, so if you don’t think of yourself as a numbers guy, it’s super helpful to get someone who knows this on board. Trust us, you need this.   So what do you think? Are you ready to take over the internet and build your community?

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