5 Free Smartphone Apps Every Indie Filmmaker Will Find Extremely Useful

Posted on 15 January, 2016 by Team Wishberry

5-Free-Smartphone-apps-every-indie-filmmaker-will-find-extremely-useful Filmmakers are never really off duty. Everything you see is probably bursting with a story waiting to be told through your lens. It’s a good thing then, that we have smart phones today, with cameras that are good at so much more than selfies. We’re sure you’ve already tried your hand at smartphone filmmaking. To make the experience much better, we’ve rounded up some nifty little apps for you!  


Beginner filmmakers will find this tremendously useful. GoBo (filmmaking dictionary for the beginner filmmaker) is your trustiest guide on a crash course through film production jargon. It not only has meanings of specific terms and gadgets, but also popular filmmaking slang phrases. Additionally, the app is further divided into different departments, making navigation a cakewalk.  

Kodak Cinema Tools

Common perception dictates that anything seemingly useful coming from a corporate giant isn’t actually all that useful and is only a ruse to somehow get you to spend money on their products. Well, not this time. Not only is this app free of charge, it’s also mighty helpful. With a myriad range of tools like film length calculator (in feet or meters), a sun calculator that tells you sunrise and sunset timings in a give location, an appendix of various film terms and a guide on “How to read a film can”, this app is what you need to give you that added edge.  

Panascout Lite

Panascout Lite is a free version of the app Panascout, so obviously it comes with lesser number of features than the original. However, that doesn’t make Panascout Lite any less useful. Panascount Lite is your best friend when it comes to location scouting. It snaps pictures of locations, geotags it, and gives you data on sun position, sunrise and sunset. You can also directly upload the footage you collect to Final Cut as well as email. Plus, you can add voice notes, written notes or references too.  

Celtx Shots

Celtx Shots is ideal for storyboarding. You can sync it from your computer to your mobile. In this app, you can create and add storyboard images, define a shot and write a description too. You can also organize your shots in sequences. If you have an iPad, then its built in camera feature will let you directly click and upload pictures without ever leaving the app.  

AJA Datacalc

The one byproduct of shooting a film is the vast amount of footage and data you manage to accumulate over time. This app helps you calculate your storage needs based on FPS, compression, resolution and more.   Got more apps that we should talk about? Which are some of your favourite filmmaking apps? Tell us!

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