5 Crowdfunded Films That Won Global Accolades

Posted on 17 October, 2017 by Team Wishberry

Crowdfunding has empowered thousands of independent filmmakers today. With platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo in the US and Wishberry in India, filmmakers have raised funds for their films directly from the public without depending on investors or their own savings. It's been more than a decade since this concept became a regular practice among upcoming filmmakers across the world. 

Here's a look at the top 5 crowdfunded films that received numerous awards and were major hits among the public:

Inocente - Raised $52,597 from 294 backers

The SeanFine movie resorted to Kickstarter to raise finance. This inspiring story of a 15 year old homeless girl who refused to give up her artistic dreams went on to win the Oscars! The movie won in the Best Documentary category and became the first crowdfunded film to win the biggest honor of the cinematic world.

You can watch Inocente on Itunes


Dear White People-  $41,405 from 1318 backers

Justin Simien, the Director worked on the script for 5 years! He then launched a trailer and took to crowdfunding to raise the money. The campaign goal was to raise $25000 but it ended up raising almost double, instead. The movie made a box office collection of $ 4.4 Million despite having a limited theatrical release. It also went on to win the Jury Award for Breakthrough Talent at Sundance 2014, Director's to Watch Award at the Palm Springs International film Festival and 2015 SpiritBest First for Screenplay.

You can catch Dear White People on Netflix

Sisak- $6,418 from 115 backers

Bold topics see less support from traditional producers and that is exactly why Faraz Arif Ansari  made India's first LGBTQ silent film with the the help of crowdfunding. This 20-minute short won hearts wherever it went — Wicked Queer in Boston, International film festivals in New York, Brazil, Mexico, San Diego and Venezuela. Sisak also won the Best Overall Best Film at the FilmOut San Diego Film Festival and was nominated for the Satyajit Ray Award at the London Indian Film Festival. "That's a total of 25 International Awards!!"

The film is yet to be released. 

Veronica Mars- $5.7 MM from 91,585 backers

Veronica Mars, the  super successful TV show on an American teen investigator ended in 2007, after a 3 year run. Then in 2013, 6 years later, Director Rob Thomas revived the character through a film adaptation. Rob took to crowdfunding as an option when he was rejected by Warner Bros. The show's fans were more than eager to see their favorite TV character come alive on the big screen. It became the quickest movie to reach its fundraising target, $ 1 Million in 11 hours! The movie went on to raise $ 5.7 Million by the time the campaign had ended. It also holds the record of the highest number of funders for a film!

You can catch the cult favorite Veronica Mars on HBO.

Kothanodi- $38,287 from 110 backers

Kothanodi is an Assamese film written and directed by Bhaskar Hazarika. It had the privilege of being the first film to be shown at Majuli, a UN Heritage site in the State. Bhaskar used Wishberry to bring to life 4 local folktales. The movie went on to win the 63rd National Award for Best Assamese film, Prag Cine Awards in 4 categories, and the Student Jury Award at Festival du Film d’Asie du Sud, Paris.

You can watch Kothanodi on Netflix.

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