5 Insanely Helpful Blogs Every Indie Filmmaker Should Bookmark

Posted on 19 January, 2016 by Team Wishberry

5-Blogs-every-indie-filmmaker-should-bookmark If you look away from procrastination-inducing gifs and some section of the internet losing their minds over some non-issue and listicles that are along the lines of Disney Princesses Reimagined As Drunk Kittens- you’ll actually find that the internet can be quite a useful place, especially if you’re an independent filmmaker- because, you know, the education never really ends. To assist you further in this lifelong learning, we’ve rounded up five blogs that you most definitely should bookmark.

Cinephilia & Beyond

Cinephilia & Beyond neatly categorizes resources and ridiculously helpful information you didn’t know you needed into: filmmaking, screenwriting, interview, documentary, cinematography, editing and short film. What make this blog truly remarkable are the topics they cover that are truly unique yet relevant subjects and screenplays of films to go with it.

Premium Beat

In addition to a large collection of royalty free music, Premium Beat also offers useful tutorials for film post production, filmmaking and editing tips, insights into film direction and profiling the styles and works of notable filmmakers. It even deconstructs a really memorable scene from awesome films (like this one from The Empire Strikes Back), in case you need some inspiration for your own film. How cool is that?  

Film School Rejects

Filmmakers and film lovers alike will love this one! Whether you need film news from around the world, trailers, reviews, interviews chronicling relevant people from the international film scene and more! Additionally, they also run podcasts on some really interesting topics.  

No Film School

This site not only shares helpful content on filmmaking, but also news from the industry- be it in terms of new and interesting releases as well as equipment and technology. They also run a forum where you can post your questions, start or join in discussions with the film community from around the world (and they discuss quite a wide range of topics- from equipment to filmmaking styles and trends in the industry). Any filmmaking question you may have, there’s a high chance you’ll find the answer here.  

Filmmaker IQ

A personal favorite, Filmmaker IQ is run by a group of filmmakers who have somehow struck the perfect balance between firm appreciation for classic filmmaking and modern day sensibilities. On Facebook, they are popular for some of the most interesting and insightful photos of actors and films. This website is also one of the most interesting ones you’ll come across, with a treat for filmmakers as well as cinema enthusiasts. There are courses, articles and forums that cover almost every aspect of filmmaking right from the history of Hollywood censorship to screenwriting and composition techniques to how to create props for film, writing a ten-minute play and much more. What do you think of? Any more blogs/websites that we should know of? Tell us!

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