4 tips for filmmakers & musicians to have kickass social media pages!

Posted on 27 February, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Kick-ass-social-media-pages (1) It’s sort of become the law of the land for independent creators (we’re looking at you filmmakers, musicians, comic artists) to maintain an awesome and active social media presence, because let’s be honest – if you don’t blow your own trumpet, who else will? Now the first step to having social media pages worth taking a second look at is to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Have aesthetically appealing pictures

Photos are important because it’s much easier to grab the audience’s attention on the cluttered space that social media can be. Additionally, it’s also more engaging and gives your fans and followers much to talk about. With technology making great camera quality possible in nearly every average smartphone, you don’t need to shell out a bomb to get some great pictures – whether it’s photos of you from a music tour or behind the scenes footage of your film or some work in progress pictures, you can DIY it easily. Great photos effortlessly translate into a more interesting page, and are perhaps the quickest way to get people hooked. Nicholson

Step 2: Use hashtags

The basic idea of a hashtag is to make it easier for like-minded people to discover each other, and for fans to discover new artists. Although, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram make sure you don’t overdose on the number of hashtags used. Stick to about three relevant ones. Here is a good example by Symphony Novel: Hashtagging genres make it easy for anyone with similar interests to stumble upon the band. Moreover, it provides users with a way to communicate with one another in real time. Follow a particular hashtag and all posts with that hashtag will pop up in your stream. (Want to know more? Check out this guide to using trending hashtags most effectively, here.)

Step 3: Share interesting content

The next best thing to sharing cool photos is sharing some cool and interesting content that your followers would otherwise never stumble upon. Whether it’s an interesting blog article, a post you resonate with or just an opinion you have to voice – do it. It’s a great way to not only establish yourself as someone who knows what s/he’s doing, but also start discussions and healthy debates with your followers, which leaves a lasting mark on them! Samit Basu

Step 4: Know who you’re talking to!

For all that you do on social media, duilding a good, active and supportive network should be one of your topmost goals. And this can be achieved by first knowing exactly who you’re talking to. So take a step back, and analyze how your fans (prospective fans too) think and behave. What are their likes and dislikes? What is the kind of language that they are most responsive to? You can and should always say what you want, but it’s most effective when you do this in a way that your audience can find relatable too! Also, always respond to people. Help them where you can, say something funny or even simply smile if you have to – but always acknowledge them! The key here is to be helpful and relevant. Comment below if there’s anything more you want to know about social media for artists!

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