4 Important Things Creators Need To Do Before Building Their Social Media Presence

Posted on 17 March, 2016 by Team Wishberry

4-Things-creators-need-to-do-before Whether you’re an independent filmmaker, musician, comic artist or a theatre group, you know that if there’s one thing you need to survive out there in this big bad world it is your community. And the one simple (and inexpensive) way to build your community of loyal fans and followers is through social media. But there’s a certain craft to building your social media presence – and trust us, there’s much more to it than ranting and sharing gifs at random. Here are a few things you need to do before setting yourself up for building your social media community.


Before you even actively starting working towards community-building, you need to do some research. Figure out what kind of content is gaining popularity these days, what style of content works better on which platform, what is a good time to post, what are some of the best practices of posting on social media etc.

Watch and learn

When in doubt, take notes from someone who’s already figured it out. Look at people from within your line of work (could even be someone you look up to!). Observe what they do to engage with their community, how frequently they do it, what language do they use, the kind of content they share and so on. Once you get a peek into how people from your area of work have succeeded at engaging with their community, it’ll be extremely easy to set a roadmap for yourself too!

How do you want to be perceived online

The way you speak online, the kind of content you share, the frequency, the language and the images you share – they all serve to create a personality of you. What people see on your page is how they will perceive you. So take a step back and think about yourself as a brand and how you want your brand to be seen by the people. Say, if you’re someone who’s extremely witty and sarcastic in real life, if that’s the kind of guy you want to be online as well, then your content and language should align accordingly. If you’re all about soul-talk, mindfulness and the spiritual side of art, then don’t shy away from portraying that online!

Make a calendar

Now, when it comes to the real task of posting content, a calendar is going to make your work so much easier! You don’t have to set a schedule down in stone, but having a clear idea of what you want to do will definitely take the stress and anxiety of coming up with things on a daily basis away. All you have to do is think of all the things you want to share – pictures, status updates, videos, links, shoutouts, fan engagement activities, gifs, etc. – and set a timeline. Posting twice a day, four to five times a week is a healthy practice. You can start with simple content like a picture of your breakfast or your time in the studio or a cool link about something that relates to what you do. And move on to more innovative things as you get in the hang of things. Building your community on social media may take a lot of time, efforts and some patience, but it honestly isn’t as tricky. And thanks to this thing called technology, you can do this even when you’re on the toilet seat (you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed from there anyway)! Got more community-building related questions? Ask away!

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