This Is Why Regional Films are Almost Always Successful at Crowdfunding

Posted on 28 June, 2016 by Team Wishberry


Regional films happen to not only put the country on the global film radar by taking the international film festival circuit by storm, they also make excellent crowdfunding candidates. We’ve learnt that such films are not only encouraged, but also happily funded by the crowds. Therefore, we scurried back to our desks to analyze what are the factors that make regional language films the perfect candidate for successful crowdfunding.

They tell unique and unheard of stories

In a land as vast as India, the cultural landscape is like a kaleidoscope, constantly shifting as one moves from city to city, state to state. Each place is so unique in its ways. This is where regional films do what other films don’t. They dive deep into stories of their land, bringing to the fore concepts and ideas that we hardly ever knew of.  And even if it isn’t a folk story per se, these films imbibe the flavours, styles and landscapes, making them a treat unlike any other.

People of a region feel a sense of belonging towards the regional film community

Think about it – even if you’re not a film buff, if you hear that a first of its kind film is being made from your beloved region, but all it needs is some patronage, wouldn’t you do what is required of you? After all, we all want films from our native land to be noticed and appreciated by the whole world. And why not? It’s a matter of pride – in a way; it’s your story that’s being told out there. This sentiment applies to people from all parts of the country. When a film needs its people’s support to be brought to life, it’s considered the people’s responsibility to rally it to success!

Regional films make the cultural landscape richer

India is a country with a marvelously rich history in arts and culture. It’s so vast and runs so deep that it can hardly be mapped and fit into one frame. Regional films are one way to make this treasure trove of cinematic gems richer and varied. It’s a hell of a way to give people a peek into the varied strokes of creativity brimming within the country.

There’s hardly any star power attached to these films

Owing to their limited budget, regional films are often devoid of major star power. Lack of star power means that, the only way a film can pull audiences or gun for success, is through its storytelling and overall execution. More focus on elements script, direction and music means higher quality of content, which is quite the recipe for awesomeness. Out of the thirteen genres from the creative sector that are accepted for crowdfunding on Wishberry, films take up 46% of the pie. Within this, we’ve had our fair share of regional language films – spanning regions such as Assam and Kerala. Most of which, have been amazing successes and have gone on to win several prestigious awards. Well, now you know why. 

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