3 Reasons Why People Support Creative Projects Like Films, Music and Even Comics!

Posted on 18 September, 2015 by Team Wishberry

EC9 A charity project  usually needs just one reason to get people’s monetary support - one heart-crushing cause is all it takes. However, raising money for a film or a music project is quite another ballgame altogether. The sole fact that you’re making a film isn’t going to cut it. You need something more, especially if you’re looking at the crowd to raise funds for your next big idea. It all begins with what drives people (read: prospective funders) to support an idea. We boiled it all down to three reasons why people support crowdfunding for film, music, theater, comics, technology or anything creative.  
  • They connect with the idea

  Passion for an idea is the most common ground with any funder. A lovely example of this is Punyakoti, a sanskrit animatics film based on a South Indian folktale that went on to raise Rs. 41 lakhs from 282 funders.  80% of the money came from total strangers, who funded the film purely out of love for the Sanskrit language!  
  • They want that awesome product first!

  Yes, everyone loves a crazy idea, but what gets the crowd even more excited is when creativity is coupled with utility. Take for instance, Greenopia - an internet enabled gardening system that lets you care for your plants even when you’re not home, through your phone! Not only does it sound awesome, but it also solves a major problem gardeners and plant lovers in urban areas commonly face. Something like this, invariably makes people want to contribute, as well as be the first ones to get their hands on it  
  • They think you are credible at what you do

  Before you even start crowdfunding, it’s important to create a good social reputation. It’s important for you to garner people’s trust in your passion. How do you do that? Start a Facebook page or use your own facebook profile, put updates about your work, even your past work, share your opinions and thoughts about your idea, ask people questions or for their opinions on your idea, get people talking about it! That should do it. When you’re setting your idea up for crowdfunding, remember to keep a good balance of the above three, and you’re sure to not only get people talking, but have them fund you too!

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