4 Lessons You Can Learn from Every Successful Comic Crowdfunding Project!

Posted on 23 August, 2016 by Team Wishberry


For a crowdfunding campaign to succeed, you need more than a mind-blowing idea. You need some well-cooked pitch and a rock-solid  strategy to emerge victorious. Because, you know how hard it is to succeed as a comic artist; let alone succeeding at crowdfunding a comic book. But, there’s hope! There are rockstars who’ve succeeded at this, and how! So, we’ve rounded up some key lessons from some really successful comic crowdfunding projects, so you can succeed too!


Launch Your Campaign In Phases

1. Soft Launch - A few days or a week before the actual launch of your campaign get in touch with the supporters who you know for sure will fund your idea. These early supporters need to help you reach at least 30% of your goal. Approach these people privately on the day your campaign goes live via messages, mails, calls, etc.


If you choose to host an event, do it either a day prior to the launch or on the launch of the campaign (use this event to collect email ids).


2. Public Launch - After hitting 30% of your goal from your own community, you’re set to reach out to the bigger crowd. During the public launch, update your social media pages and send out emails to the varied groups you’ve identified from your entire contact list. Also, go ahead and reach out to online groups that share something in common with your project like Aditi of Menstrupedia did.


After the launch, continue updating your social community with announcements, updates and milestones. More importantly, get key influencers and people to talk about your crowdfunding campaign, to give a bigger and better boost.


In crowdfunding, there’s no time for slacking. Continue sharing interesting content around your project on your social network every single day. And get as creative as you can!


Monitor The Force

Any crowdfunding campaign has maximum traction in the first and last few days of its timeline. Hence, it is not only important to have an awesome launch but a great finish too. Simple things like replying to comments, updating your campaign page and sending out thank you emails, keep your community happy as well as the momentum going. Analyse what your crowd is talking about, and tune your communication accordingly.

Often, backers would provide feedback, which are sometimes negative. Irrespective, it’s essential that you respond to these comments daily, and exhibit trust towards your campaign. Also, reach out to the press for coverage.


Offer Interesting Perks

Maintaining interest and driving contributions mid-campaign is extremely difficult, but is key to your success. A great tactic to have people keep funding is adding interesting perks, holding referral contests, and basically just doing interesting things that’ll hold their interest and attract new supporters.


Build a sense of urgency with “limited time only!” or “limited stock!” type of phrases. You could also reach out to your earliest backer, have them simply refer three friends to the campaign and hand out the special add-on to that backer once the friends have contributed.


The End!

A final countdown always works. But you have to strike the right balance - too soon and it’ll fail to create any urgency or impact, too late and you won’t have any time to attract attention. A 5-day countdown on email and/or a 3-day countdown on social media work well without irritating anyone. Even if you’ve reached your goal, the excitement of the last few hours could even garner some last minute backers to help you reach the extra mile.

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Once the campaign officially ends, send a final Thank You update to all of your contributors and supporters. Because, what would you do without them? And make sure you always, ALWAYS stay in touch with them.


Crowdfunding is not easy, and takes a lot of patient efforts. And with the right attitude, you’ll always take valuable insights from the experience, that’ll be useful for life!


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