4 Legit Reasons Why Filmmakers Should Maintain A Blog

Posted on 28 January, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Why-should-filmmakers-have-a-website-blog- Public opinion may state that blogging is “so 2000”. But the very fact that, that athletes, musicians, authors- all maintain their own blog or website speaks volumes about the need to have a blog. We believe that indie filmmakers, especially, need to maintain a blog that serves as a public journal of sorts. After all, you guys have so much to share! If your next question is “but why?” then read on.

You can collect emails

This is perhaps the most important reason to get yourself a blog already! Sure, you can engage with fans via Facebook and Twitter. But what happens after that? How do you translate the engagement into something more concrete? You get their contacts to build your database- your very own pool of a loyal audience. The blog acts as a platform where people can drop their IDs and in turn get constant updates and communication from you.  

Take your fans with you on a journey

Like we mentioned earlier, the blog can act as a public journal where you can chronicle all that goes on while making your film- the challenges, the jugaad, the crazy adventures! You can also talk about your experiences and insights as a filmmaker; your opinions on cinema in its present state, your learnings from the recent films you watched, commentary on current affairs and much more! All of this gives fans and followers a glimpse into you as a filmmaker as well as helps you establish yourself as an established voice. Check out how Payal Sethi constantly updated everyone about her short film Leeches on her website! Leeches blog1 And Anand Gandhi… Anand Gandhi

It acts as a showcase of all your work

Why make people scramble all over the internet to find your filmography and project details, when you can serve all of that on one plate? You can not only list all about your films on your blog, but also put up links as to where people can watch them. If anyone wants to know anything about you, your blog is the only thing they need. Check out Sandeep Mohan’s About.me page that lists his works as well as links- Sandeep Mohan Landing Page And Prashant Sehgal’s portfolio on his website: Prashant Sehgal Showcase

You get to tap into a broader community

If you’re making a blog using WordPress or Tumblr, your blog is exposed to the community present on these platforms that would otherwise not come across your Facebook page. There are users/groups here that are specifically interested in content about filmmaking. By using tags such as “film”, “filmmaking”, “indie filmmaker”, you can put your work out there ready to be explored by likeminded people all over the world. The best part? Now, it’s all free or easily affordable to set up your own blog, website or landing page and show the world all that you’ve done! What do you think?

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