3 Ways For Comic Artists To Go About Self PR

Posted on 18 May, 2016 by Team Wishberry

3-Ways-In-Which-Comic-Artists-Can-Do-Their-Own-PR When no one is talking about you, you talk about yourself. This is what self-PR is all about.  The importance of PR is crucial for an independent comic artist, especially when you have the potential to get published. However, hiring a PR or a social media agency to do the job always seems to be the easier way out, but building a community requires organic and honest efforts, that will only come through you.  Following are three simple steps that'll show you exactly how you can go about it:

Build a good content bank 

It is important to share something almost every day. Now it’s not possible to share stuff about what you’re actually working on, on a daily basis. This is where a pre-planned content bank comes in handy, so you’re not struggling with sharing your main work on a daily basis. This could be anything, from snippets of crazy things you worked on in the past to something you enjoyed reading to a trending topic, also work in progress updates.
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Post good, interesting and engaging content. After all, the motive is to engage with your fans and get to know what they’d like to read next. Good content is the key to get feedback and learn new things Note: Fan feedback keeps you on your toes.

Collaborate with fans

Collaborations always work, especially when they are with fans. Ask for a theme, ideas or suggestions, and create a comic strip around it. This is how you’ll win the hearts of your followers. Give them a chance to come up with a character of their own. You know who your fans are and building a relationship with them will only help them keep on coming back to you.
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Collect database 

Once you get a good number of fans and followers, make sure you maintain a database of these people. It will take off a major chunk of work from your plate when you decide to publish or crowdfund or get people to buy your book. As a comic artist, you’ll find it pretty easy to do this too. You can run some super fun contests and activities that require your followers to drop in their email id. You could also offer personalized comic strips for the first 10 people who drop in their email ids. Have calendar design or a food doodle contest. You have the power to make boring fun, use it! 
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So, what are you waiting for? Go, have some fun and build that community! And if you have any questions, ask us!

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