3 Reasons Why Musicians Need PR and How They Can Do It Right

Posted on 8 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

Self-PR Why self-PR, you ask? It’s pretty simple: if you want to make it into the big league of musicians, you need the fans to rally you forward and get you the attention of the big players. But building your very own community requires organic and regular efforts. The reasons are simple yet legit. You need to be your own PR agency because-

You know your fans the best and you need to build a relationship with them

Because you’re the one handling your social media account, it’s much easier for you to gauge the way your fans talk, how they respond to certain posts and even who are the most regular guys on your page. This helps you to not only form more personalized and tailored content and responses and also keep a track of the levels of loyalty among your fans- from the most ardent supporter to the ones who simply like your posts and move on.

Outsourcing to an agency is expensive and impersonal

An agency or an outsider will only get your page and website the traffic. And that too for a bomb. But is traffic alone important? You need to engage with each and every fan, that means making sure you’re reaching the right kind of people and taking the time out to get to know them. No one else is going to have the time or the patience to do that for you. Read our blog on - 20 Fun Activities Independent Musicians Can Totally Do On Social Media!

You get feedback and learn something new almost every day

Building a fan-base involves a lot of talking to fans and listening to what they have to say. When you put up a track and ask them for honest feedback, they will give it to you. They might even help you try something you didn’t think of before. Fan feedback keeps you on your toes.

Sounds good! But, how does one become popular and likeable?

You need three simple things in place. Once you get this right, you’re sorted. We chose to explain through the social media pages of various Indian indie artists like Swarathma, Skyharbour, Sandunes and Parikrama.


Post good, interesting and engaging content. It has to be a good mix of: your work i.e. sample tracks, rehearsals, behind the scenes, on-going projects, teasers etc., your opinions- what you feel about the scene, what motivates you, the people you look up to, your views on a popular topic, your personal life- what you do in your free time, your friends, etc.. Lastly, content that makes fans talk to you- silly “caption this” posts, asking for feedback, song/movie suggestions, a project they’d like to see you work on etc. Swarathma(Content) Skyhardbour(Content)


Not just with fellow artists, but also with fans. This is how you’ll earn extra brownie points with your followers. Ask them for suggestions on what theme your next project should follow. Give them a song and call for music video concepts. Collaborate with them on album art- you can actually consider making a crowsourced poster/album art!

Collect database

A database comes in handy in times when you have to crowdfund or get people to buy your music online. Whether you need to run ads on Facebook or send newsletters or mailers to fans, it becomes that much easier. You can collect emails by having simple yet fun contests and activities that involve fans giving out their email ids (make sure you promise you won’t spam them!). You can do secret gigs or a house party for the first 50 people who give you their email ids. Give out exclusive passes and invites to important events. Have a t-shirt or merchandise designing contest. Get as creative as you can! Parikrama(Content)

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