21 Awesome Crowdfunding Rewards Filmmakers Can Give Their Supporters!

Posted on 9 March, 2016 by Team Wishberry

The-big-bad-list-of-awesome-crowdfunding-rewards Filmmakers, especially independent filmmakers, there’s going to be a point in your life where you’re going to turn to your community to seek their support and funds to make your film (which, if you ask us, is a GREAT idea). Now, in exchange for your community’s generosity you have to give them something back, right? If you’re looking for ideas beyond the likes of “a one-time download link before the film releases”, “social media shout outs” and “producer credits”, onto something more experiential and awesome, then we have a list ready for you!
  • Film props Film buffs who are ardent collectors will dig this so hard! If there’s a memorable prop being used in the film, like a jacket, a helmet or an accessory – anything that’s exclusive and worth collecting, then the best thing to do with it is to give it away!
  • Original scoresheet You could give either the original scoresheet of the film’s music or the original screenplay, complete with all the little rough notes and your own personal thoughts and iterations. If your film makes it big (why wouldn't it?), you’ll make someone a very proud supporter of you!
  • A day at the set Invite your backers over for a fun day on your film set and let them in on what exactly goes into making a film!
  • A film workshop There’s a high chance your backer is secretly harbouring dreams of becoming a filmmaker too, either that or maybe he’s an eternal student to the craft, or maybe he would just love to learn your ways – either way offering a workshop is not only an incredible way to get to know your backers better but also build a great relationship with them! Let them know how passionate you are about them.
  • A brainstorming session Whether it’s for your next film's story or marketing efforts for your current film, involve your supporters in making it awesome. Some fresh perspective might just take your film to new heights!
  • Let the backer take over your Facebook/Twitter handle Hand over the reins of your social media account to a backer for a day or a week, and watch them work their magic! It’s a great way to build interest and curiosity among people. Plus, you might just learn something new from them.
  • Name a character after the funder Acknowledge their generosity by immortalizing their name in your film!
  • Give a backer a cameo role We’ve all dreamed of being in a film at least once. Make this come true for your backer! Give them a nice little cameo role in your film.
  • Private screening Let your backers choose the date and the venue. You host an exclusive private screening of your film for them. You can also do a Q & A session post this.
  • Customized merchandise Exclusive limited edition posters or digital wallpapers or a painting based on your film or a postcard even – designed especially for a backer, makes an excellent keepsake!
  • A private tour of your film sets Host a guided photo-walk of all the places you shot your film in! Even better if you’ve shot in quaint little streets and idyllic towns!
  • Shoot a short story revolving around a backer You got the skills and the talent! Shoot a super short film with your backer as the central character and post it all over social media! Make someone famous!
  • Character figurines Exclusive character figurines from your film that otherwise wouldn’t be available anywhere else!
  • Yearlong gratitude Send thank you notes in different forms – one for each day of the year! It could be a handwritten note, an email, a gif, a video, an Instagram post, a lip sync video – you get the drift.
  • Costumes from the film Just like with props, give out one memorable outfit worn by any of the main characters in the film.
  • Give a wardrobe overhaul Got an awesome costume designer on board for your film? Let your backer spend a day with him/her!
  • Take them out on a date Whether it’s the coffee shop where you pen down all your creative ideas or your favourite restaurant! Make a date out of it with your backer.
  • Skype sessions Give your backers a dummies guide to anything over Skype. It could be anything, from filmmaking guidance or any other skill that you’re a master at.
  • Distribution rights You can give select backers exclusive access and rights to your film, so that they can screen it among their friends and networks. Let them host their own screenings and keep the profits, if any, from it.
  • After party invites Let backers into celebrating your success, which somehow wouldn’t really have been possible without them.
  • Exclusive access to future projects Your journey with your backers doesn’t just end here. In fact, it shouldn’t. Make it a lifelong process by either letting them in on the creative process of your next film or by giving them early access to your future projects.
Rewards are one of the best ways to further strengthen your relationship with your supporters. So make sure you go above and beyond to give them an experience they’ll cherish forever! Got more ideas? Help us make this list bigger and better!

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