20 Exciting Indie Bands From Down South Killing It In Regional Dialects!

Posted on 22 January, 2016 by Team Wishberry

South Indian Bands If you’ve tuned-in to indie artists like Maati Baani and Nucleya, you know how innovative Indian music can get. We found a whole list of crazy talented indie artists playing in regional dialects from the South India, and you should certainly give them a listen:
  1. Thaikkudam Bridge

    Genre: Carnatic Rock Language: Malayalam  Formed by cousins Govind and Siddharth Menon, Thaikkudam Bridge (from Kochi) got its name after a bridge located near the apartment where the band used to practise. The band shot to fame after performing their original composition on a music reality show, and now, 3 years later the band has a massive fan following and also has one of their singles featured on the 10 Best Indian Singles in 2015 list by Rolling Stone India.  
  2. The Raghu Dixit Project

    Genre: Contemporary Folk Language: Kannada/Hindi Former scientist and Bharatanatyam dancer Raghu Dixit decided to form a band in 2006 (Bangalore). The band released its debut album in 2008 which went on to become the highest selling non-film music album of that year. Following the release the band took off on their first international tour. Now, the band is the country's most popular live act.
  3. Avial 

    Genre: Alt Rock Language: Malayalam Named after a popular dish of Kerala Cuisine – Avial (Trivandrum) shot to fame for pioneering alternative Malyali Rock. The band achieved mainstream success immediately after releasing their first album.  
  4. Swarathma

    Genre: Folk Rock Fusion Language: Kannada/Hindi/English After winning an SMS based contest for the hunt for Bangalore’s best band on Radio City Live in 2006, Swarathma was also nominated for 3 categories of Jack Daniel Indian Rock Awards, 2008.
  5. Agam

    Genre: Carnatic Rock Language: Kannada Jamming after college continued even after graduation and led to the formation of this Bangalore-based band which received its big break on a TV reality show judged by A.R. Rahman.  
  6. Namma Ooru Boy Band

    Genre: Pop Language: Tamil Highly influenced by International pop icons like Michael Jackson and Backstreet Boys, Josh Vivian began his musical journey at a young age of 16 after recording his first gospel album. He now has formed a band (in Chennai) and is out with 3 pop singles so far.
  7. Vidwan

    Genre: Folk/Electronic/Experimental Language: Malayalam Inspired by jazz, hip-hop, electronic and Carnatic music – the band takes pride in innovating the way they sound in every number. They are recognised throughout South India for their original compositions in a few mainstream films.
  8. Thakara

    Genre: Alt/Rock/Pop/Folk Language: Malayalam Thakara’s music is strongly rooted in Indian traditions and culture. The lead singer’s unique voice captured the media's attention.This band hailing from Ernakulam has been active for four years now.
  9. Prayaan

    Genre: Classical/Pop/Rock Language: Malayalam In early 2014, playback singer Ajay Sathyan decided to form a band and within four months they performed on a television show. The line-up of the band members extends from Ladakh to Kanyakumari.

    Here are some more bands who are experimenting with various western genres in regional languages:

  10. Pathayam

    Genre: Psychedelia/Trance/Groove Language: Malayalam
  11. Jhanu

    Genre: Rock Language: Tamil
  12. Peepal Tree

    Genre: Pop/Rock/Funk Language: Kannada/Hindi
  13. Kolam

    Genre: Rock Language: Malayalam
  14. Vethaalam

    Genre: Folk Language: Malayalam
  15. Naranath

    Genre: Grunge/Alt Rock Language: Malayalam
  16. Asima Ensemble

    Genre: World Music Language: Malayalam
  17. Azazeel

    Genre: Metal Language: Malayalam/English  
  18. Oorali

    Genre: Folk Language: Malayalam
  19. Bennet And The Band

    Genre: Alt/Folk Language: Malayalam
  20. Sean Roldan & Friends

    Genre: Funk/Blues/Indian Language: Tamil
If we did miss any band that simply needs to be on this list, make sure you tell us about it in the comments below. Also, checkout our heat map of the musically most active cities down South.

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