2 Indie Filmmakers Talk About How They Used Fliqvine To Monetize Their Films

Posted on 16 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

What-is-fliqvine Whether it’s for promoting or distributing an independent film, the internet is the one place that is starting to look like an unsung hero for indie filmmakers. It’s cost effective and helps reach more people than any film theatre can ever hold. However, online distribution becomes much easier when there is one specific platform that does it all. This is where Fliqvine comes in.

What is Fliqvine?

Fliqvine is an online distribution platform for independent films. The way this works is: filmmakers have to first make an artist account, and then upload their film on the platform. Viewers will have to pay a certain fee to stream the film on Fliqvine for as many times as they want. Plus, the platform is accessible to viewers all around the world, giving filmmakers the opportunity to reach out to a global audience. The platform takes 10% of the sale value on a film, and passes on the rest to its creator. Filmmakers also get to keep all of the film’s rights, something that every filmmaker will breathe in relief at.  Additionally, to facilitate better marketing efforts, Fliqvine also lets you upload insightful and interesting blogs, pictures and noteworthy achievements like awards, festival selections and so on. And of course, Fliqvine users/artists can follow each other, and build a network on that platform itself.  

What makes online distribution of a film better?

It saves filmmakers the daunting task of finding buyers offline with traditional modes of distribution, given how the audience market is so niche. Plus, there’s also the fact that it’s much, much easier to get your film to more people online. “With online distribution, the audience reach is higher, as compared to the 250 odd people you’ll find in a theatre. Also the costs of distributing the film online are way lesser than a theatrical”, says Srinivas Sunderrajan who used the platform for his films The Untitled Karthik Krishnan Project and Greater Elephant. “The biggest benefit here is that your film is out there to be monetized as long as the world wide web exists- so it’s history now!”, he adds. “Fliqvine sort of solves the biggest problem plaguing indie films i.e. distribution. Although it’s only the beginning of the process and there’s still a long way to go, this changes the existing status quo- it puts the power in the hands of the film’s creator”, explains Aniket Dasgupta of The Other Way- an independent film about independent films.  

Self PR and aggressive promotions play a key role here

However, distributing and monetizing your film via Fliqvine or any digital tool is definitely not the end of the story nor is it some cakewalk. The audience isn’t waiting for a filmmaker to put a movie on the platform. People need to be reminded every now and then that this indie film exists and is worth paying and watching. As Srinivas puts it, “My greatest learning has been that mere liking a status doesn’t set the cash registers ringing. You need to aggressively get people onto the site and buy/rent the film. So while exhibition has become easier, marketing and PR in the digital space still has a long way to go”.  

What about the profit margins?

According to Aniket, “It’s too soon to say. Money is not usually a deciding factor. The bigger picture is that in the long run, a platform like this will be more viable. And that it gives the audience the choice to buy an indie film. Plus, Fliqvine is but a tool. How you use the tool and to what effect are completely up to you.”   As Srinivas puts it, “One small step for an indie, a giant leap for indie-kind”.

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