19 Things Every Indian Indie Wishes Would Happen in the Indian Indie Film Industry

Posted on 28 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

19-things-filmakers-wish-would-happen---header To say that the indie film scene in India is thriving- in spite of the many challenges- is an understatement. They’re winning us prestigious awards, bagging the limelight at international film festivals, and staying true to their craft within their limited resources! Indie filmmakers are constantly giving back gems to the scene, so it’s only fair that we ask them what they’d want from the industry. And 5 indie filmmakers told us just that. So, here is their consolidated wishlist for the indie film industry.
  1. Relevant scripts - we are still making films centred on love and/or revenge of rehashing success stories. 19-things-filmakers-wish-would-happen---a
  3. Institutional avenues of funding, like National Film fund, which gives a fixed amount of funds to a given number of film-makers depending on the strength of the project, film-maker and the co-production markets that it has travelled. Unlike European countries we do not have a film fund, it’s a miracle how Indian Indies are getting made and winning awards with zero support from our government.
  5. Private TV channels should also be made to air and pay for the acclaimed films as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  7. The entertainment tax government earns from films should be invested back in the distribution of the acclaimed films.
  9. Print media should also carry advertisement of acclaimed films as per CSR.
  1. Alternative channels of distribution; we still believe theatrical is the only avenue.
  3. Faster and better internet for streaming films.
  5. Larger awareness of modern forms of narrative.
  7. Smaller theatres and screening spaces in malls and cafes, which screen indie films programmed in packages, around the country so that we are not dependent on the bigger theatres for showing our films. 19-things-filmakers-wish-would-happen---c
  9. A few more TV channels should come up, which focus on screening indie films. It would be awesome if they are willing to share the money they make through ads with us (in whatever ratio).
  11. A a more foolproof way of tracking how many people actually watched your movie on TV, and split revenues accordingly!
  13. The payment mechanism through the internet should become more user-friendly, so that more people are able to contribute towards your movie without having to go through all those net banking formalities. There should be some other easier "one click" way of contributing or buying tickets or investing. 19-things-filmakers-wish-would-happen---b
  15. A comprehensive database of indie film viewers - someone should start keeping a database of these folks, so that each one of these people get relevant information and good deals when an indie film releases in theatres or is screening in a cafe or alternative space in their city. Thus, we don't have to spend lot of marketing money to reach out to this same niche audience through mainstream advertising (which is the case now!)
  17. Hope indie filmmakers realize that it is not anyone else's duty to help us, but we have to help ourselves. Nothing is going to happen on its own. So let’s hope that we all tighten our seatbelts and get ready to fight it out. :)
  19. All indie filmmakers should make the film because they have to and not because they want to. If you do it because you can't possibly go on with your life without doing something about it, that's when you make your film despite the budget constraints, the criticism, and the long, long hours of working alone. If you just do it because you want to, then you can quite easily turn around and not want to put a year into production. That's the reason for most films, indie or not, collapsing in the first place.
  21. More producers who have a clear vision and know what exactly they are getting into.
  23. Online distribution models which are transparent. 19-things-filmakers-wish-would-happen---d
  25. Actors and filmmakers who are willing to take a risk and push the envelope, content wise as there is relatively less censorship online.
  27. Lowering entertainment tax on films below a certain budget.
What’s on your wishlist?

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