17 Things Indie Filmmakers Can Do To Engage With Fans On Social Media

Posted on 30 January, 2016 by Team Wishberry

17 Things Filmmakers You did it! Your films are being loved, and you’re getting followers on various social platforms, everything is going great. The next step now is to engage with them, and definitely not just by sharing snippets of your film! We’ve rounded up a list of 16 super fun and little crazy things you can do to engage with fans:
  1. Strike a conversation! Ask fans questions. Random questions – what inspires them, ask them about places they love to visit, etc.
  2. Why keep all that knowledge sealed? Share it! Get on Quora/Reddit and answer about filmmaking.
  3. Make them feel special! Shoot a short Insta video wishing a fan a great day ahead (luck for an interview or congrats on an achievement), it would mean the world to them.
  4. Jump the trending bandwagon! Checkout what Srinivas has done. Filmmakers 20 Things - Srinivas Sunderrajan
  1. Ask your fans to come up with an alternate ending for your film. And, if you actually love the fan-ending, go the extra mile! Actually work on the scene and give due credit to them. Baaam! Friends, family and acquaintances of this new found super-fan will notice you & your work.
  2. Have a ‘Replace The Dialogue’ contest. Share an interesting or funny snippet of your film and test the creative side of your fans.
  3. Have a name the film contest.
  4. Going offline for a while? Inform your fans, spark curiosity about your film even before you make it. Marketing begins from the inception of the idea. Filmmakers 20 Things - Sandeep Mohan
  1. You know how people love actors, writers and musicians getting along and having a twitter chat. Do it with a fellow filmmaker. Fans love watching creators of awesomeness bond online!
  2. Host a private screening of a film that inspired you – invite the first 10 people who drop you their email ids over (maintain this database)!
  3. Giveaways always work! Who doesn’t like receiving gifts, even if it’s a shirt with the name of your film printed.
  4. Or hit the road for bi-cycle ride like Pawan. Filmmakers 20 Things - Pawan Kumar
  5. Wish your fellow actors via social media on their special days with bloopers and shots of them, that didn’t make it to the film.
  1. How about giving your creative fans a shot at naming your lead character?
  2. On that note, invite a special fan to witness a day in the life of an independent director. Maybe even let them act in a scene as extra.
  3. Have feedback sessions- ask fans what they want you to work on next. Then get on it and share it with them.
  4. Shoot and upload your version of a favourite legendary scene. Or, ask your fans for suggestions on which infamous scene you must work on!
Do you have any more amazing ideas to breathe some life into your social media pages? We would love to hear them.  

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