13 Northeast Indian bands that have the world dancing to their tunes

Posted on 17 February, 2016 by Team Wishberry

X-Bands-From-Northeast-India-That-Has-The-World-Dancing You have to be living under a rock if you've somehow missed out on the magic of independent Indian artists. India is home to some of the most incredibly talented musicians, and we’re on a mission to give them the spotlight they deserve.   Our series and effort of covering hidden musical gems from the various regions of India has now led us to everyone's favourite region i.e. Northeast India. (Check out our South Indian edition: Exciting Bands From Down South Killing It In Regional Dialects) Here’s a list of 13 killer bands from the northeastern states of the country:

1. Tetseo Sisters

Genre: Folk/Fusion/Pop Language: English/Chokri Adorned in the traditional garb of their tribe, these Naga songsters have, over the years, turned into the cultural ambassadors of the Northeast. Accompanied by the ‘Tati/Heka Libuh’ - an age old Naga one stringed instrument, these sisters sing in the Chokri dialect of the Chakhesang Naga tribe.

2. Alobo Naga & The Band

Genre: Contemporary/Pop/Rock Language: English Formed in 2010, the band went on to win the Best Indian Act at MTV Europe Music Awards, in 2012. The band rose to fame after their video single ‘Painted Dreams’ premiered on VH1. Most of their music talks about social issues and religious values, which will transcend you into a deep thought inducing state of mind.

3. Soulmate

Genre: Blues/Rock/R&B Language: English Genius guitarist Rudy Wallang and magnificent vocalist Tipriti Kharbangar got together and created magic in a tape back in 2003. The two talented volcanos have been ruling the Blues scene in India ever since. If you’ve never heard them before, you’re in for a jaw-dropping experience here!

4. Divine Connection

Genre: Rock/Blues/Jazz/Gospel Language: English The band has been experimenting with Blues, Jazz, Funk, Gospel and Rock since they got together in 2004. Along with performing in over hundreds of concerts in India and abroad, the band has also won the title of ‘The Best Rock Band in India’ at MTV’s Rock On (Desi Beats) in 2010!

5. Girish and The Chronicles

Genre: Rock/Heavy Metal Language: English Known for their electrifying and energetic live shows, Girish and The Chronicles transport you to the bedrock of the Woodstock era of Rock. With classic hard rock/metal music mixed with the sound of power ballads, the band captures sound in a way that one rarely  gets to see in other bands today. 

6. Purple Fusion

Genre: World Music/Folk Fusion Language: English/Hindi/Lotha/Sema/Angami Purple Fusion delves and experiments with Naga traditional music along with folk music from other parts of the world. Formed in 2012, the band blends indigenous ethnic music with western genres like Blues, Jazz, Funk, Reggae and Rock. 

7. Imphal Talkies and The Howlers

Genre: Rock/Folk Rock Language: English/ Meiteilon (Manipuri) Imphal Talkies, formed in 2008, majorly sing about the political events happening in the country. With songs like ‘When the Home Is Burning’ and ‘Mr. President Is Coming’, their album as a whole spells a sense of resistance against injustice in Manipur and across our country in general.

8. Boomarang

Genre: Jazz/Funk/Punk/Rock Language: English After branding their genre as Junk Rock, Boomarang blends the sounds of Jazz, Hip Hop and new age Metal into their music. The band from Aizawl has performed in numerous festivals and is all out to entertain the rock denizens. 

9. The Vinyl Records

Genre: Post Punk/Indie Rock Language: English The Vinyl Records describe their music as indie, post punk rock with new wave beat from 70s and 80s. This all-girl band is known for their sassy spunky performances.

10. The Chosen

Genre: Pop/Rock/Indie Language: English This group of talented girls got together to share their love for music and the word of God. The Chosen is an all-girl Gospel Rock band from Aizawl known for their debut single Broken Wings.

11. Lucid Recess

Genre: Alt Metal/Prog Rock Language: English Lucid Recess is an Alternative Metal band from Guwahati. They're often also called one of the most sinister bands of the Northeast.  Their sound revolves around rebellious tones of the guitar and drums. The band is now out with their third album titled 'Alive and Aware'.

12. Minute Of Decay

Genre: Folk/Rock/Pop Language: English Taking a a rich tradition of sibling bonding further, the Muivah sisters began their stint as a band while playing at church functions. They officially labelled the band in 2011. The highlight of their music is a fusion of Classic Rock and Indie folk stylized with contemporary vocals.

13. Abiogenesis

Genre: Folk/Rock/Fusion/Howeymusic Language: English Abiogenesis is a folk-fusion act that incorporates indigenous and tribal sounds with modern music. The music is exotic and beautiful to listen to. The band is known to have evolved Howeymusic (fusion of Naga folk with various forms of music).

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