11 Things That Are True For All Dancers

Posted on 15 September, 2016 by Team Wishberry

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Dancers are perhaps the most interesting artists out there - the way they weave magic with their bodies, the way the music speaks to them! We can all agree that those who dance are magical creatures. As a dancer, if you could find yourself relating to all that we just said, you’ll also know that the following things are true about you.


You save up and blow up most of your money on dancing clothes and shoes

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You literally go to every party just to dance, and nothing else

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You're making weird movements with your hands and feet even when you're supposed to be sitting quiet

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When there's a choreography stuck in your head, there's no such thing as plain walking. You actually dance it all out!

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When you hear a new song, you immediately start thinking of the choreography

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You don't stop until you've gotten that one tiny dance move right

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Everyone gets so excited when they hear you're a dancer!

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You count everything in eights. Even grocery shopping goes, "five, six, seven, eight!"

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You wake up one morning and notice a dozen bruises on your body, but you have no clue where they came from

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You lose your mind when you're at a public gathering and people are clapping off-beat

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Being up on stage and finishing to that awed applause gives you a thrill like none other

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