10 Things You Should Never Say To Anyone From The LGBTQ Community

Posted on 16 May, 2016 by Team Wishberry

10-Things-People-From-The-LGBTQ-Community-Are-Tired-Of-Hearing Everyone who today is a proud member of the LGBTQ community has struggled with their sexual orientation, fought the odds and societal pressure to come out. And, now they are constantly exposed to a whole bunch of people that brazenly ask the most unpleasant and uneducated of questions. Now, this is no way to help normalize and nurture a community. If we need to grow and be better as a society, we educate ourselves and of course, be a little more empathetic. Well, the first step in that direction would be to know what NOT to say to ‘that gay friend’.

“Homosexuality is nothing but a western concept".

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“You know, it’s just a phase. You’ll get over it and be normal in a few years.”

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"My friend’s best friend is also gay. You know maybe..."

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Oh! Is that how people get hitched? My neighbor is straight. Let’s get rid of that single label, shall we?

“Why would you want to hurt your parents like that?”

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"You don't look like other gay people..."

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“Why is there gay pride when there’s no straight pride?”

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“You are so lucky you don’t have to deal with boys/girls. I wish I was gay.”

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“Oh. Don’t worry. I’ll pray for you.”

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And, the most common ones:

“OMG, I’ve always wanted a gay BFF! Let’s go shopping someday!”

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“I’m okay with you being gay, as long as you don’t make a move on me.”

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In the end, let’s just all remember to ask the important questions:
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In all seriousness, the LGBTQ community looks forward to questions like, “How could I get involved in the fight against prejudice?” or, “How can I understand your struggle better?” Awareness towards normalizing the queer community is key, especially in India. And that is exactly why there’s something like the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2016! So, support it and definitely register for the film festival!  

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