10 Most Amazing Indian Comic Superheroes Of All Time

Posted on 10 March, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Indian-comics-that-are-awesome The Indian Comic scene has been perhaps one of the most underrated creative industries in India. That is just why, we decided to shake things up and throw some light on this super cool genre with a list of some of the most fascinating superheroes the Indian Comic industry has gifted the world.

Super Commando Dhruva

Dhruva, a trained acrobat escapes a near-death situation when his home is consumed by flames. The boy loses his parents in the fire, and later learns that it was a planned attack. Dhruva then trains himself to outshine as a commando and is set on a journey to avenge the death of his parents and help anyone in need.
Indian Comics - Dhruv Image Credits: ComicVine.com


Cursed as a foetus by the venomous Snake God, Nagraj was born with millions of tiny snakes running in his body instead of white blood corpuscles. The baby was presumed dead at birth and was thrown in the river, because of its blue coloured body. Only to later be found by professor Nagmani who was extremely fascinated by snakes and begins using Nagraj for his research.
Indian Comics - Nagraj Image Credits: DeviantArt.net


Raised by the badass gangster Halkan Singh, Doga grew up being treated like a dog. He used it to his advantage and learnt to communicate with dogs in the hope of revolting against the gangster with his squad some day. After growing up Doga escaped Halkan’s keep and found shelter at a local gym where he trained himself day and night to fight against the numerous bad guys that exist in our society.
Indian Comics - Doga Image Credits: ComicVine.com


After being spotted as a sole witness of murder taken place in his school, by the head of police, Vinay was being hunted down by cops. Vinay’s uncle, Professor K.K. Verma, took him under his care and handed him a costume that he made which would give him superpowers. Using the powers of the costume, Vinay under the pseudonym - Parmanu is on a mission to avenge his classmate and eliminate corruption.
Indian Comics - Parmanu Image Credits: ParmanuFanArt


Jensen, a British soldier’s family were brutally murdered by a corrupt officer, while he seeks refuge with the Indian mystics - Sadhus. Years later, trained in a Sadhu’s supernatural art, Jenson finds himself in a dilemma of using his newfound powers for enlightenment, or for revenge against the people who murdered his family.
Indian Comics - Sadhu Image Credits: ComicVine.com


An unsuspecting young woman in the futuristic city learns that she’s Devi - the only one who could end the divine battle between the Gods of Light and the demon Lord Bala.
Indian Comics - Devi Image Credits: GraphicIndia.com


Bahadur is the son of a gangster, who was raised by the very cop who killed his biological father. On growing up Bahadur initially decides to avenge his father, but later decides to work along side the CBI by setting up a Citizen's Security Force, that deals with rehabilitating troubled dacoits who've lost hope in the world.
Indian Comics - Bahadur Image Credits: AmericaPink.com


After discovering that her husband has been killing her daughters in her womb, Chanda angered with this approaches Goddess Kali. The Goddess transforms her into Shakti, to deliver justice for her loss. Shakti awakens every time a woman cries out in distress to her.
Indian Comics - Shakti Image Credits: WikiMedia.com


Bhokal is a King’s warrior who initially travelled to Earth from Parilok seeking revenge for the death of his parents. But he later learns that his biological parents are humans, and sets on a journey to find them. During battles, Bhokal can summon his mentor, Mahaguru Bhokal by calling out his name and acquires super-human strength along with transformed indestructible weapons.
Indian Comics - Bhokal Image Credits: DownComix.com


Yoddha is the only surviving son of God and Demon. He travels from an ancient age to the present time, for a mission he has no memory of and has been simultaneously learning the truths of his origins.
Indian Comics - Yoddha Image Credits: IndiaNetZone.com

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