10 Crowdfunding Secrets To Successfully Raise Funds And Make Your Film

Posted on 13 February, 2017 by Team Wishberry


After seeing fellow filmmakers go make their films, we're sure you've thought about crowdfunding a million times! Whether it was Rinku Kalsy’s documentary on the die-hard fans of Rajnikanth (For The Love of a Man) or Bhaskar Hazarika’s National Award winning film – Kothanodi; crowfunding gives you the power on creative control for your film.

Here are our tips to successfully crowdfund your film, and do it your way:

A Unique Concept

Yes, you heard us right! Crowdfunding is perhaps the only way to give wings to all the unique ideas you get while taking a shower. In fact, crowdfunding doesn’t work if you are making yet another formula film. If you have a unique concept, you have better chances of raising funds through the crowd, than Salman Khan. Believe it or not! Nothing grabs one’s attention like a never-heard-before idea. Like this one - India’s first film in Sanskrit, Punyakoti, that raised over 40 lakhs from 300 funders!

Get Your Gang Together

As an independent filmmaker your dreams completely depend on your community, because these are the guys who will support, watch and promote your film. Hence, before your campaign goes live get your friends, family and fans on board. Talk to them, share exclusive content and it’s crucial that this gang funds you within the first few days of your campaign going live.


Nail The Communication

Make sure your communication about the film gives absolute clarity as to what the film exactly is. Tell them about the hooks that can get them excited to fund the film. The more information you give, the higher the chances of getting people rally around your work.

Collect Email IDs

Create a spreadsheet of everyone who you know of. Go through your Gmail account, Facebook, Twitter, or any network where you’ve acquainted with people, doesn’t matter if you’ve not spoken to them in a while. Divide these people into groups of  - Colleagues, Friends, Best Friends, Alumni, Family. Your communication, i.e. tone and frequency, will vary from group to group. Be prepared to send more than a dozen emails to each of these groups.


Talk Less, Show More

Of course, you must talk about your film but, you’re a filmmaker and you’re known for showing over talking. It is tried and tested; visuals create a stronger impact and are sure to leave viewers with more thought in very little time.

Don't Rush Into PR Early On

The first step of any crowdfunding campaign is to milk your personal network. Once the campaign is 30-40% successful, then you begin your PR activity. Strangers  won’t fund you if you’ve not been funded at all.


Do Not Spam People!

It’s an unpleasant experience to have someone communicate the same message over and over again to you. And, apart from that it numbs you from feeling connected to the topic anymore. So, be smart about promoting your content - set a calendar, and plan all communication. Create a list of interesting links, behind-the-scenes videos, bloopers, work-in-progress pictures, etc. And don’t mass share your content!


Your Pitch Video Should Have As Much Work As Your Trailer!

Firstly, the campaigns that have a pitch video are more likely to succeed than the ones without. A great video would not only encourage a person to convert into a funder, but would also help share the word and promote the campaign to their network. The essential ingredients of a pitch video are; introduction to yourself, the film’s trailer, behind-the-scenes footage or quotes from your team, explaining need for funds and the all-or- nothing policy. All of this within 2-3 minutes, as no one would want to watch a video that is longer than 3 minutes.

The Rewards Should Be Exciting

Make sure the rewards mean something to you, if it is worthless to you there is no way your fans would appreciate it. Give exclusive stuff from the project back, such as VIP tickets to the premier, a digital link to watch the film first, merchandise from the film, artwork from the film, producer credits, an invite to meet the cast etc.  


Read Wishberry’s Crowdfunding Guide to get more tips and tricks to raise funds successfully for your film!

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